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C&E offers a depth of experience in climate policy, planning and strategy, underpinned by a solid scientific and technical foundation. From technology and socio-economic research, to analysis and forecasting, we provide advice and support in development and management.
We have been at the fore-front of working with communities to implement climate smart agriculture, establish sustainable wood fuel, eco-charcoal, briquettes and cogeneration through development of woody crops establishment for agro-industries such as tea, coffee and sugarcane and cement companies.
In this service area, we focus on building capacity of government and corporate institutions to understand green principles, green technologies and investments in order to steer institutions to achieve sustainability through the application of science & technology while taking care of the environment.
We have worked with international and local governments in the region to promote solar and wind systems; biomass technologies including biogas, improved charcoal.

Certified by NITA to offer training.NITA |TRN | 1355

C&E Advisory

C&E prides itself in providing exceptional project management capability, specializing in the development and transfer of new approaches and skills through partnerships, capacity building and training.

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Our Key Service Areas

Climate Change Adaptation & Finance

Natural Resource Management

Green Growth & Urban Development

Clean Energy Development Services

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